Michael Paulick by John Newberry

Michael attended the school from 1962-64. Is anyone in e-mail contact with him as the address I have for him is being returned as undeliverable. hhgs1931-1970@old-hempsteadian.me.uk

Jennie Cox

I attended Hemel Hempstead Grammar School from 1961-68 and would love to hear from anyone from that era. My e-mail address is: Jenni.Hutton@cewa.edu.au

“Christine Backhouse”

Anyone who studied Art at the school during the late 50s/early 60s will remember Christine as an outstanding artist who I believe went on to study at the Slade School of Fine Art, University College of London. The last I heard of her was that she was in Australia and indeed on the net there is a photograph of her presenting a portrait to the then Vice Chancellor of Monash University:


I'd love to know what happened to her. If anybody has information, please contact me at: ian_k_cook2@hotmail.co.uk 

”Benjamin Britten’s Noye’s Fludde”

Rob Burns has noticed in the Music and Drama section that there is no mention of the school production of Benjamin Britten’s Noye’s Fludde, which Leslie Sanders put on, with the school orchestra and singers, around 1968. If anyone has any information or photographs of this production please let me know. hhgs1931-1970@old-hempsteadian.me.uk

  1. I was in this too, playing chime bars (scored by Benjamin Britten originally as milk bottles filled with water) as the voice of God spoke! I got very bored waiting for my moment on the first night, and then missed the first chord. Next day I was told off by JS Robinson for fidgeting and chewing during the performance. It was definitely at school, in the hall which later became the library, not at the pavilion in 1968 as previously mentioned.

  2. Eleanor Knight

  3. I've just found the Old Hempsteadians and I thought the same thing! There was no mention of it, and it was a great production. I remember the production very well, I was playing either piano or in the orchestra, including the recorder part. I don't have any photos though, sorry!

  4. Claire Cochrane 1963-68

  1. I remember “Noye’s Fludde” because I sang in it (one of my very few performances as a boy soprano). The performance was in the old Hemel ‘Pavilion’ (now long gone, of course). From my recollection, it was a great performance! I don’t have any photographs – but I believe that the Hemel Gazette covered the performance and printed a picture in the paper (so it will be in the Gazette archives somewhere). I thought that, although Leslie Sanders conducted the choir and orchestra, the performers were drawn from three or four schools in the Hemel Hempstead area – so it was a ‘District Schools’ Choir’ (or something similar). As far as I recall, this artistic experiment wasn’t repeated in my time at the school. We did, however, develop a very strong school choir at HHGS – and this led, in December 1971, to the School’s Carol Service (held in St Mary’s Church in the old town) being recorded. I was in the choir (now singing tenor) for the recording and I still have the resulting record (complete with a reading of

  2. John 1 : 1 – 14 by the then Headmaster, JS Robinson).

  3. Robert Little 1966-73

  4. I would like to thank Kathleen for the Noye’s Fludde memories and program. I agree, it was definitely held in our                     school hall, and was a wonderful production involving so many students, but all from our school, I’m sure. Leslie Sanders was indefatigable, as usual, a wonderful music teacher. The work itself was notable for the instrumentation, including using so many recorders as a ‘real instrument’. I see I was playing the organ, I had forgotten that! Looking back on the program I am impressed with how many of the staff were involved in some way or another, I’m sure that doesn’t always happen now! Do any other people have memories of the annual Carol Services in St Mary’s in the old town? I remember the difficulty in getting the (usually boy) soprano to sing the first verse of Once in Royal David’s City unaccompanied and staying in tune so that when the rest of us joined in the second verse it didn’t sound really bad! 

  5. Claire Cochrane 1963-68

“Mavis Barnes”

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who was at school with me 1945 to 1950.


“Pat Hughes” by Judith Mosedale

I was very friendly with Pat Hughes, (in the 6th form?) and also after I left HHGS, but have not kept in touch and wonder if anyone remembers her or knows her whereabouts?


“Who won?” by Brian Sharp

Memories fade and we're left with just flash-backs. That's the way it is with this story. There are a number of missing links. So, if there's anyone out there who can fill in the gaps, please let me know.

We had a relay team in a schools' swimming contest. Who all the other teams were, I don't remember. The contest was at Watford indoor baths. What I do remember, is the noise. The baths were packed with screaming kids. There were six of us in the team. Tony Jerrard, John Tubby, me and three others. Who were they? Does anyone know?

I asked Tony the other day, if he remembered who won. Did we win? We both agreed that if we had, we would have at least remembered that. I know I was pleased that I kept my position, no one overtook me. But what I remember most and Tony as well, was the noise.

So, if anyone can fill in the gaps, do get in touch. hhgs1931-1970@old-hempsteadian.me.uk

“Alan Pannell”? by Raymond Hardway

Just wondering ... I see a BBC reporter on world news from time to time; his facial features remind me very much of Alan Pannell, who lived at Frithsden and came to school on a motor bike. Are they related, I wonder? Alan was in the Sixth Form 1946-7. The reporter is named on TV as Ian Pannell. hhgs1931-1970@old-hempsteadian.me.uk

“Sorrel Bentinck”

If any of my old schoolfriends from around 1960 live anywhere near Ely/Cambridge it would be good to meet up again.


“Anyone in touch with Jenny Hatton, Lynne Andrews or Joelle Neal?”

If you know any of these girls please ask them to get in touch as an old schoolfriend has lost touch with them. I will send them the information to see if they wish to be remembered. Please reply to: hhgs1931-1970@old-hempsteadian.me.uk

”An inspiring biology teacher, Mike Bridges”

Rosemary Hamilton would like to know if anyone has any news of Mike Bridges, biology teacher?

Please reply to: rosemary98@btopenworld.com

”The Magpie”

Does anyone have copies of the school magazine “The Magpie” produced prior to and during World War II? I am looking for information on former pupil Ivor Charles Brian Slade who was tragically killed during that conflict.

Please reply to: hhgs1931-1970@old-hempsteadian.me.uk

Colleen Green

Does anyone know the whereabouts of Colleen Green who was at the school from 1942? If you are in contact with Colleen please ask her if she would mind one of her old school friends getting back in touch.

Don Barnett

I was very interested to read the articles from the Magpie in the latest newsletter but completely taken aback seeing that one contribution was submitted by me. Shocked, because although I remember so many trivial events during my time at the School, I have no recollection whatsoever of writing the article about the photographic club nor do I remember any such club existing notwithstanding the fact that I appear to have been actively involved having been one of the founders. I still have a reasonably good memory of those days so I would appreciate it if any of our readers could comment and explain this phenomenon to me. I would also like to hear from anyone who has memories of the photographic club and can enlighten me further.

Sheila and Brian Wood

"Does anyone have any school memories of Sheila and Brian Wood from their days at HHGS? Both were there in the 40s and/or 50s. Sadly both have passed away but one of Sheila's daughters has been in touch to ask as she is compiling a Memory Book for the family." Please send your memories directly to this e-mail address: pennytcampbell@msn.com.

“Looking for George Harry Webb, Barbara Bean, Leonard Arthur Thorne

and James Melvin Feeney”

I'm looking to trace four people and wondered if anyone knew of them. George Harry Webb, Barbara Bean, Leonard Arthur Thorne and James Melvin Feeney. Any replies to debredwards@me.com and I would be most grateful.

“Anyone in touch with Judith Cooper, b. 1952?”

Judith had two older sisters Carol and Linda. Father Eric George Cooper.  Mike Paulick: Mrpca17@aol.com.

“Did anyone ever stay in touch with Gordon Fuller?” Pat Sharp 1947-1952

Brian only had one year at HHGS when his father, who worked for Coca Cola was moved to their Australian office. He was my "boyfriend" for about six months and I was broken-hearted when he left. We used to sit together on the bus to school. Wow! Obviously I got over it and have just celebrated my 57th wedding anniversary with Brian.

We still lead an active life and now have a new hobby – going to André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra concerts. We have just returned from our third visit to Maastricht in Holland for his annual concerts in his home city.

I do wonder if any other HHGS ex-scholars also go. We have met so many nice people from all over the world at these concerts. This time it was a lady from America who had been to no less than 85 concerts all around the world. Even so she knew the Isle of Man where I live and had relatives here. When I remember that I couldn't stand Mr Sheppard and his violin but now I could listen to André Rieu all day!

We're now great-grandparents with four-year-old Ryan who also loves André Rieu and we have to play his DVD’s when Ryan visits.

Also does anyone know where Vera Hockney and Francene Burgess are?

“Do you know any relatives of John Edward ‘Jack’ Colyer”

Photographs of former HHGS pupil John Edward 'Jack' Colyer, who was killed in the Second World War, have been given to the ‘Hemel at War' project. They are being scanned for the ‘Hemel at War' website and can find a resting place in the school archive. However, the donor of the photos is keen to place them with a suitable member of Jack's family. Do you have any knowledge of any family member?

If you do, please contact Prof. Richard Grayson: rsgrayson@talk21.com

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