In 1987, Nancy Newberry (née Langston), met an old school friend and during the course of the conversation it was suggested that it would be nice if their leaving year (1949) could get together. Well, that's how it started. From those small beginnings came the wonderful reunion of October 1988 when over 400 people from all years up until the early 1950s came to the school for a "get together" including 12 ex-teachers! The event was an outstanding success with ex-pupils coming from overseas (Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Israel, United States) as well as from all over the UK. The overseas pupils and the teachers were each presented with a silver-framed photograph of the school as a memento of the occasion. The following year, 1989, a reunion of those pupils who were at school together from 1946 to 1951 was organised by Pauline Anderson, Sylvia Baxter, Brian Mower, Roger Barrett and Graham Lake. Several years passed and it was suggested that another reunion for 2001 should be organised to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the school. This time those pupils from 1931 to the early 1950s were invited to attend. This reunion was organised by Nancy, Pauline and Sylvia. Once again another huge gathering of old scholars and friends from the school's inception attended including six pupils from the original 1931 intake.

. . . and this is how it all started with a story in the local Press



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