The very first school photograph which shows the staff and pupils in September 1931

Amongst the pupils are: Kirby, Higgins twins, Shepherd, Norman Sage, Eric Wilkinson (or Williamson), Herbert David Denchfield, Phillip Timms, Ruth Atkins, Derek Loosemore, Moonsey, Gladys Halsey, Muriel Jenkins, Barbara Ives, Olive Garment, Paul Ringrose, Nora Hooley, Robert Bowers, Joan Wortham, Kath Rump, Olive Heath, Kathleen Hoar, Ethel Langston, Wiggy Crawley?, Robert Leago, Doreen Hunter, Joan Wootton, Jesse Hemmings, Joan Prince, Peggy Mead, Barbara Willis, Margaret Stevens, Paul Waterhouse, Arthur Gilkes, Peter Finch, F. Parker.


The First Pupils – September 1931

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