1. OLD HEMPSTEADIANS are ex-scholars of Hemel Hempstead Grammar School which was founded in 1931 and existed as a Grammar School until 1970, when it then became a Comprehensive School.

    Since creating the website in 2009 I have been pleased by the amount of interest it has engendered. Input from old scholars has been amazing, please keep your memories rolling in. The site’s mailing list includes many who first attended Hemel Hempstead Grammar School in the 1930s as well as others from the 40s, 50s and 60s.

    I am sure that there must be some on the mailing list who have offspring who attended during the Grammar School years. If so, please ask your children to write in so that we can then get a good cross-section of members and their memories through the years 1931–1970.

    As you read through the pages you may find errors and missing names, please let me know about them and together we will make a website which will be a credit to a creditable school.

  Please note: This site has no connection whatsoever with the Hemel Hempstead School or The Hemel Hempstead School Alumni or any other website. It has been produced exclusively by, and for, past pupils of Hemel Hempstead Grammar School.


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